“I don’t miss plenty of things about you. I never got your music, it just seemed weird to me.”

-Kate Simmer (Ex-Girlfriend)

“So the about page only has what apears to be a picture of a drunken young man. There’s no other information on this composer on the site. Why does he write these songs about animals and other insane things? I can only assume the composer is some sort of drunken drug addled derelict. I’m not sure how he managed to make it through school, I assume he attended some hippie college that encourages their students to “experiment” with sound and also “other substances”. Maybe I’m just an old man who’s stuck in the 70s. But back in my day, we played music. Music you could listen to and tap your feet to. I would encourage this young man to listen to Earth Wind and Fire, a real band with some talent that writes great tunes. Or maybe some Rolling Stones, a band that’s still playing. That’s a band with staying power!”

-Jere Alston (guitargeek1957)

“Curtis please don’t change your website”

-Jason Belcher (composer)